The exploration of the self has been a quest of humanity for as long as the human history allows. Our body, mind, and soul are vessels of our identity and our memories, that is, fragments of our lives that determine who we are, and what we have become.

Our psychological need for self-expression

The importance of self-expression has risen to people’s attention in recent decades. As the study of human psychology progresses, it is more and more understood that honest expressions of oneself can bring numerous positive changes not only on an individual level but also on a societal level.

Self-expression engenders creativity. When we are encouraged to express ourselves, our brains more actively draw inspirations from our repertoire of knowledge, generating better ideas and plans. 

Moreover, self-expression is conducive to one’s mental health.

Our individual characteristics make what nature intended us to be.

Someone who has eleven fingers would not have to cut off the eleventh finger to conform to what it is deemed as normality. As the ancient Chinese Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi puts it, “heaven and earth live side by side with me, and everything is one with me”. We are meant to follow our natural design, assert our uniqueness, and live our lives to the fullest.

Bodily stress, anxiety, and depression… the danger of inhibiting and suppressing of one’s emotions has been well-studied and widely understood. Healthy expressions of one’s identity makes one self-align and live the most authentic version of oneself. Adequate self-expression promotes healing.

Moreover, self-expression can be manifested in our relationships with our family and friends. Through showing loving and caring gestures to important people in our lives, we express and experience happiness ourselves.

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The world needs us to showcase our individuality

The German language uses the word “Einzigkeit” to indicate individual distinctiveness and self-realization.

It is not a surprise that the quest for self-realization rose together with the rise of market economy.

Encouraging people to implement their business ideas and inspiring individuals to put forward creative suggestions stimulate exponential growth in the economy.

When people embrace their unique identity, belief, ideas, and practice, the world benefits from diversity. Diversity offers perspective, and the courage to break away from binding traditions, allowing innovations to foster.

How to embrace our individuality

Sometimes finding our individuality does not come easy. Our unique charm needs to be cultivated from inside out.

In the journey of discovering our identity, confidence is a crucial building block.

Confidence comes from the acknowledgement of both our past successes and failures and accepting the fact that even if we are content enough to face occasional failures in the future, we do not cease to reach for perfection each time we try.

There is glory and honor in keeping trying, keeping pursuing, and keeping reaching higher.

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Building inner strength provides the pillar of self-identity. However, although internal qualities are what make you who you are, outer appearance can help you express and help the world see your uniqueness.

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