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Once you share your interest in working with us to create your next valued possession, we will arrange a personal consultation to learn more about you and what exactly you are looking for.

Our team of designers will then begin drawing ideas to customize your device to share with you for your review. The collaborative process means you will share your feedback to update the design mock-ups (up to three complimentary changes). Once finalized and your payment is confirmed, we will manufacture your design and keep you updated throughout the process. Delivery is according to your preference and we will stay in touch to follow up on your satisfaction!

Please refer to our 'How It Works' section for more details on our step-by-step process.

The entire process can vary depending on each situation. However, a personal experience will take approximately 15 days from initial contact to delivery.

The 15-day process is based on:
2-3 days for design
1-3 for payment confirmation
10 days from production to delivery at your door

You can make up to three revisions on your design mock-ups free of charge. Additional fees will apply for further modifications after that.

We provide a one year warranty for each item.

We accept the following payment methods:

- Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Apple Pay, eCheck and Visa Click to Pay)
- Debit card

If you use our services to acquire a new device and decide to customize your device entirely, i.e., dismantling and rebuilding with one of our precious materials, the process will immediately reduce the waterproof effectiveness. At this moment, we recommend avoiding any contact with water.

We are currently working on improving and maintaining a device's original waterproofing.

We offer a variety of 100% genuine leathers including crocodile, alligator, and ostrich. Our team is currently in the process of sourcing a premium vegan and sustainable leather alternative.

  • Our diamonds are conflict-free and VS1, VVS1, and VVS2 clarity. We also offer synthetic diamonds.

For clients wanting to upgrade to a newer smartphone device, we offer our royalty VIP program.

The program allows you to trade-in your old device in exchange for credit in the form of a rebate towards your new customized piece.

The trade-in item will undergo condition assessment and testing by our team. Terms and conditions apply.

Just like any valuable item, your bespoke Septem piece needs to be taken care of.

For any precious metal products, including those made out of gold, platinum, rose gold, rhodium, and those that also include gem settings, your Septem piece will be received with a protective, transparent film to cover the customized surface. We recommend you keep this film intact and for it not to be removed.

How to clean precious metals:
• To remove any fingerprints or smudges (expected from daily use), use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down your product's surfaces gently
• Strictly do not use any alcohol for cleaning your Septem pieces
• You can request a special cleaning kit when placing your order that will be shipped in your product delivery

How to clean leather:
• To remove any dirt built-up, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe down your leather surfaces gently
• Following the initial wipe-down, apply a dime-sized portion of leather cleaner (see below) to the same soft cloth and wipe the leather surface in a gentle circular motion, allowing the leather to absorb the cleaner
• Remove any excess leather cleaner solution with another clean, dry soft cloth and let it dry
• Apply a special leather protectant or conditioner (see below) every 3-6 months

Recommended leather cleaners:
• Chamberlain's Straight Leather Cleaner
• Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey
• Lexol Leather Cleaner
• Saddle soap

Recommended leather protectants/conditioners:
• Mink oil
• Neatsfoot oil
• Beesbutter
• Meltonian brand of shoe creams
• Tarrago Shoe Cream
• Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing
• Jobsite's Grizzly Grease

We create exceptionally hand-crafted products that are as unique as you. Reflect your identity.