who we are

Maison Septem reflects your identity, expressing your attitude, achievement, and hard work.

We don't stop until you reflect your identity.

Septem is a luxury brand founded by two globe-trotting entrepreneurs who credit their life journey for who they are today. With a personal passion for traditional arts and crafts, technology, and innovation, the founders always knew they wanted to combine their values and interests to create a brand that could celebrate individuality and success.

At Maison Septem, we know that you work hard and believe that you can catch your dreams. We want to be there with you, to acknowledge your hardships, to honor your journey, and to reflect on who you are. We are committed to create bespoke products that are as unique as you.

No Limitations

We believe that anything is possible. Our ability to customize every last detail empowers you to take the helm in your journey with us. We offer diversity in our collection of products, technology, and materials, matched with exceptional client services so you can truly tailor a personal item that will reflect your identity.

Get to know the people behind Maison Septem with this in depth interview.

a bespoke experience

Discover the perfect piece that truly represents you.