At Maison Septem, we continue to challenge ourselves as we understand the negative implications of our industry. We focus our efforts to reduce any harm to the environment and improve the lives of those around us and where our ateliers are situated.

We want to celebrate our successes, but we also plan for the road ahead. Our journey towards sustainability continues and will continue to evolve, we face these obstacles head-on, and together, we can achieve significant progress.

Our current sustainable initiatives:

  • All our gold and precious materials are sourced ethically, fully traceable, following highest standards of sustainability.
  • All our materials are of premium quality, designed and manufactured for long-lasting durability.
  • Every element of our current packaging has been designed with minimizing and reusability in mind. We use rock paper labels and compostable solutions where possible.
  • Our Royalty VIP program for product upgrades allows clients to trade in their old device in exchange for credit in the form of a rebate towards your new customized piece. Once the trade-in item passes a condition assessment, we either return this item to our inventory or reuse the material in our manufacturing process to promote zero waste.

    How do we plan to progress?

    We have set out the following goals to continue our sustainability mission:

  • To offer a premium vegan leather as an alternative to animal leather.
  • To offer a wider variety of synthetic or lab-created materials such as diamonds or other types of gems.
  • To craft more eco-friendly packaging for all sold products
  • To become corporate-certified to address social and environmental issues.
  • To use recycled components to reshape cases.
  • To use less ink in our production.
  • To associate ourselves with prominent key figures in the sustainable industry to create more awareness.
  • We create exceptionally hand-crafted products that are as unique as you. Reflect your identity.