Success doesn't come easy. Everyone's journey is unique, and we know that any personal achievement requires utmost dedication and hard work. However, the inability to showcase your success to those around you would be a disservice to you and what you represent.

At Maison Septem, we acknowledge your resilience and are committed to providing you with bespoke products and accessories that are as distinctive as you are. Why? Because we believe that you deserve the opportunity to celebrate your individuality and success.

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The possibilities are endless from iPhone cases with a custom engraving to a full diamond-studded, 24K gold-plated Samsung. With only the most sought-after, hi-tech, and luxurious materials, this is where luxury takes precedence. Keep reading to discover 3 Ways You Can Accessorize Your Smartphone and Make It Your Own with Maison Septem:

1. Diamonds are everyone's best friend

The future of luxury relies on the fusion of technology and art. Maison Septem does this best, with our curated collection of precious gemstones.

Diamonds are multifaceted, quite literally. We look at what a diamond truly stands for – purity and perfection. For those individuals who hone in on every little detail and continue to strive for excellence, our ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamonds with exceptional clarity will be sure to please.

Set your precious stones in your own custom design or allow us to learn more about you so we can create a visual representation of your individuality. Our gemstone collection extends to Swarovski crystals too, providing positive energy, hope, joy, and luck to those that select this option.

2. Nothing Faux Allowed

When shopping for new smartphones, most of us consider the technology as a crucial element in your decision-making process. For example, you look to upgrade features such as battery life, camera quality, retina display or storage provided. So why compromise on the finishing exterior? While we know what you’re made of, why not showcase this on the outside? You should be proud of who you are, and what you have achieved. Maison Septem keeps it real and we encourage you to translate your uniqueness via your every day neccessities. Our hand-selected premium leather collection exudes elegance and style. We want you to represent your own admirable strength and sophistication, and match your inspirational attitude towards life's challenges.

3. As Good as Gold

Nothing radiates power and richness quite like gold. Aside from having the versatility to match with any aesthetic, our 24K gold is the brightest and purest of our collection of precious metals.

For those that portray a softer demeanor, our rose gold selection lends an ethereal finish to any piece it adorns. Our platinum material symbolizes everlasting endurance, strength, and radiance. 

How do we make this your own piece? We dissemble your certified smartphone, and rebuild it using our superlative metals. We customize the device to the way you imagine, that reflects your identity. As we perfect the exterior, we undertake diligent testing to ensure it reaches our golden standards, so that your smartphone can be relied on to support your everyday moves.

4. Put A Name on It

Make it your own – quite literally – by adding your name. Why not give your smart device even more meaning by sharing a quote or special message that served as a source of inspiration throughout your journey? Remind yourself of your hard work, as it defines who you are today. You never know; you could also be passing on your inspiration to those around you too.

Let our talented craftsmen bring your vision to life because anything is possible. Our products are bespoke and hand-made with passion before they are carefully calibrated and diligently tested to meet our standard of excellence.

Maison Septem, The Brand.

Every piece we design tells a story. We offer a selection of smartphone brands, from iPhone and Samsung to Huawei and Xiaomi, that can be paired with a plethora of best-in-class materials. At Maison Septem, we make sure you are confident and satisfied that your smartphone accurately represents you.

We guarantee a certified inspection of all purchases. Although we have shared the limitless possibilities with customizing your smartphone device, we also extend our passion to other tech accessories such as Airpods and Apple Watches, so you can be sure to celebrate your individuality through all your possessions. Check out our bespoke Accessories here.

Never forget where you have come from. You chased your dreams, and your work is admirable. It is time to reflect your identity with Maison Septem.

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