Luxury can mean different things to different people. For some, it is an abstract concept, and to others, their possessions represent it best.  

However, the use of leather has been consistently synonymous with luxury; its natural beauty and incomparable feel remain unchallenged.

Over time, we have seen it adorn exclusive items like the Hermes Birkin to encasing the seats of hypercars like the McLaren Senna. Its utility is unbeaten, and the natural properties of this classic material allow it to be molded to any shape you ask of it. Persons of stature can instantly recognize the sophisticated, distinctive smell it carries.

At a time when fast fashion is prevalent, the idea of investing in higher quality and exclusive items becomes even more appealing. With this in mind, we have narrowed down the 3 Reasons Why Leather Exudes Timeless Luxury.

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History of Leather

From early man to the modern-day, leather has played an all-important role in nearly every era of design and fashion. In prehistoric times, we limited the drying of animal hides to create protective clothing and shelter against challenging weather conditions. As civilization progressed, the materials' robust molecular structure was more appreciated. It became an ideal choice for saddles, footwear, and tacks. 

Today innovation has revolutionized the use of leather. With many varieties, including vegan options, we can accessorize this material so incomparably thanks to skillful procedures like chrome and vegetable processing. 

Contemporary designers and businesses are constantly looking for ways to incorporate this iconic textile sustainably. Inspiring brands like Stella McCartney and Maison Septem recognize that for consumers to look good, they must feel good too. By integrating vegan leathers into their collections, they pave the way to a more unique, eco-friendlier lifestyle.

It Gets Better with Time 

Most materials succumb to daily wears and tears, but leather manages to supersede. Having undergone such rigorous processes of tanning and filing, it can effectively prevent decay and deterioration, and as a result, become a texture that is irresponsive to scratch and scruff. In contrast to other fabrics, it has the potential to outlast them by 10 to 15 years. When cared for properly, you can see its timeless character prove itself.  

Reputable fashion houses and car manufacturers have leveraged this complex material, as has Maison Septem. Our leather collection unites with your individuality to portray a subtle yet strong character. From genuine crocodile, alligator, calf, ostrich, and snakeskin leathers, our premium collection will be sure to please. Maison Septem will soon be launching its vegan leather collection for those who seek a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Leather Is a Flex

Versatility is a quality appreciated by all. Unlike other materials on the market, leather is flexible in both its look and application. Just as it is not limited to being worn under certain weather conditions, it can lend itself to many styles, pieces, and occasions. A testament to this is the range of quality goods we use every day, such as bags, wallets, and clothing. 

So, what do Maison Septem and all types of leather have in common? The ability to match any aesthetic and any device. Maison Septem's iWatch Straps and cases revamp your gadget with understated varieties of leather and premium materials. Our customized products enhance your look by encouraging you to translate your identity via your everyday necessities.

Fashion Fades. Style is Eternal

The aesthetics of leather have a personality of their own. People with an eye for style adopt this material to exude a vibe that is puissant and exuberant. Nowadays, it is common for trends to ebb and flow, yet this material's novelty has yet to diminish.  

Even the prominent fashion influencers of our time find themselves incorporating leather in their wardrobes. We witnessed Kim Kardashian deliver chic leathery looks through figure-hugging bodysuits and long coats not too long ago. During Summer 2019, the reality star was dressed in a bold snakeskin halter neck with leggings to match. 

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Finishing Touches

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Though unapparent, there are many similarities one can draw between leather processing and human nature. The former relies on constant refinement and the latter on the continuous pursuit of excellence and achievement. And so, it comes as no surprise that accomplished individuals opt for this material, as it resonates with their journey to success.

Maison Septem creates fastidious gadget accessories because we know the incremental role they play in facilitating your hustle.

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