Gold is classified as one of the most desired and aesthetical metals in the world. Not only can it be elegantly shaped and sculpted in many distinctive shades, but no other material has such historical and mythical mystique. 

Almost every ancient civilization used gold to symbolize beauty, wealth, and accomplishment. The ancient Egyptians were so mesmerized by its luster that they believed it formed the flesh of the sun god ‘Ra’, and the Incas called this mineral resource “tears of the Sun.”  

That said, this geological marvel has not lost relevance in the modern world; today, the color gold has come to represent the best of the best. We gild prestigious awards like the Oscars and Grammy's in the color and award Olympic and Noble prize winners, gold medals.

Moreover, anything that is of the highest quality is described as ‘the gold standard’. 

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So, if being second to none is not your cup of tea, find out more about gold and why it is worth your investment today!

The Prized Element

First and foremost, the aspect that makes a metal precious is its rarity. Gold's value is relatively higher than silver and copper as its presence in the Earth's crust is lesser than the former two.

But that's not all; gold has some fantastic physical properties. One of them is its high corrosion resistance – it exhibits no reaction to air and water and does not rust when exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Want proof? 

Consider the many artifacts from the Byzantine era and illuminated manuscripts from the early Christian and medieval period. They have survived the test of time primarily because of the generous amounts of gold leaf embellished on them.

Karat Culture

In many Asian countries, celebrations and commemorations are marked incomplete if gold does not play its part. Take for example, Indian and Chinese weddings; couples are often gifted with gold bullion, coins and jewellery. The belief is that gold is an auspicious metal that will bestow good fortune to anyone who acquires it!

It Never Goes Out of Style

Ancient narratives of gold portrayed it as a symbol of authority, sacred power, and prosperity. But in today's world, this metal holds different connotations.
In hip–hop culture, artists wear aureate chains, pendants, rings, and grills to elevate their personal style. Concurrently, contemporary and luxury designers incorporate gold in their clothing, handbags, and jewelry collections to underscore exclusivity and opulence.

As of 2021, several fashion magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Robb Report highlighted gold jewelry and clothing items as one of the year's hottest trends.

And how could we conclude this entry without mentioning Billy Porter's outrageously inventive Met Gala look inspired by the Ancient Egyptian's love for gold jewelry? The fearless outfit was embellished with an assortment of crystals and numerous gold beads and chains.

Exceptionally Versatile

Did you know that your iPhone has gold? And no, we aren’t referring to the colors you can pick when making the initial purchase. 

An average Apple smartphone has 0.018 grams of gold inside the device - your camera, charging coil, and motherboard are assembled with this radiant metal.

You might have heard of 24K gold facials and skincare products, gold dental fillings, and gold-tinted space equipment. But the one that has caught our eye is the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, worth USD 31 million. 

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The watch boasts two independent dials, both crafted with solid 18K gold plates. One of them even has gold-applied numerals! The outer case is ladened in understated white gold, and the strap is made of shiny black alligator leather.

If this quintessential timepiece is synonymous with your style, check out the Maison Septem's Gold Collection for smart devices.