The popularity of fashionable streetwear

To summarize the recent trend in the world of high-end fashion, luxury brands are making their way onto the streets, literally. Brands and manufacturers are seeing street-inspired fashion designs all over the luxury sector. Consumers of luxury goods are always on the lookout for trendy and thrilling streetwear designs.

With the current pandemic, streetwear has become the most popular fashion trend in France.

In the luxury world, catwalk fashion and museum-like designs have long overshadowed sports products such as sneakers. But nowadays, sneakers have become a symbol of the urban lifestyle in France.

Constance Rubini at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Bordeaux says that sneakers enjoy universal support like no other designer product.

Streetwear can be described as trendy and fashionable casual clothing. Clothing items including T-shirts, caps, saggy pants, sneakers, and pullovers all set great examples.

Streetwear was born against conventional fashion trends. Fashion trends are ever-changing and yet traditionally fashionable clothes had exuded a sense of aloofness towards the ordinary life. Being comfortable was not the priority of fashion.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, streetwear is designed to offer comfort and free spirit to the customer. Street-oriented fashion emerged from subcultures such as surfing, hip-hop, and skateboarding. 

Clothing styles inspired by music and sports had opened up a new demographic for fashion designers.

Streetwear has all the spotlight in the French urban scene nowadays.  

Streetwear fans are very passionate. They are willing to buy expensive models at unconventionally high prices. In June, the Dior x Air Jordan limited edition sold out in a matter of hours in June at a price of approximately 2,000 euros. This "collab" between a streetwear brand and a traditional luxury brand showcased how successful this business model can be.

The rise of trendy luxury in China – “Guochao”

Street-styled wear is an unneglectable force in the world of luxury design nowadays.

In accordance with Jing Daily, luxury brands such as Burberry as certain that young generations in China are looking at luxury beyond the lens of the traditional definition of high fashion.

In China, 42% of the luxury purchase is driven by Gen Z and Millennial consumers. China's Millennials are enthusiastic about combining trendy street high fashion with traditional Chinese design elements such as patterns of animated lanterns and dragons.

"Guochao", directly translated as "national tide", is defined by a quintessential sense of "Chineseness" embroidered into the designs, ranging from symbolic Chinese cultural elements to distinctive Chinese art such as Chinese calligraphy.

"Guochao" can be traced back to Shan Jixiang, an ex-curator of the Palace Museum. Devoted to promoting ancient cultural elements, he molded inspirations from museum designs to commercial lines of products.

Apart from its unique incorporation of traditional art, “Guochao” brands also focus on the functionality of their clothes. “Athleisure” has become a defining concept of “Guochao” brands which pride themselves on creating clothing items in which people could exercise comfortably and move stylishly.

Hip-Hop and Street Fashion

The hip-hop community is no stranger to various forms of street art. As artists powerfully vocalize their dreams, their sufferings, and their reality through musical art forms, they also channel thoughts and sentiment into visual styles and designs.

The historical entanglement of hip hop and fashion has been fascinating.

Hip hop's sense of style evolved with time. 

Towards the end of the 20th century, hip-hop culture started to reflect more of African heritage. In the middle of the last century, the hip-hop community started chasing a sort of extravagant designer style. With this trend weakening in the late 90s, nowadays, lavish fashion styles and designer names came back to frequent use in hip-hop lyrics. 

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The global luxury tide towards street fashion

The craving for streetwear is not limited to the Chinese market. It is not surprising to learn that all over the world, consumers' passion for this creative interpretation of high-end luxury is more widespread than ever.  

On a global scale, Bain reports that the luxury goods sector saw a 5 percent increase in 2017, amounting to €263 billion ($309 trillion), because of streetwear sales alone. In 2021, streetwear brands widely collaborated with luxury brands on creating unique and voguish designs. Dior and Nike, Gucci and The Shoe Surgeon, Fendi and Versace and Bvlgari and Mary Katrantzou all channeled their creative vibrancy together with high-end elegance. 

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