Q:  Please let us know a little about your background and how you founded Maison Septem? 


DM : Maison Septem is an exclusive Maison that has emerged from an idea of celebrating individuality and success. I have always been a creative dreamer and with support of my geeky lawyer wife, Veronique, my dream to help others reflect their identity through art became possible. It has been a bumpy road with many do-overs but today with a personal passion for traditional arts and crafts, technology, and innovation, we create exceptionally hand-crafted phones and tech accessories that are as unique as our customers. Our exclusive clientele ranks from sports stars to icons in the music industry, from entrepreneurs, to creatives and innovators. 


Q: If you use three words to capture the essence of Maison Septem, what would they be? 


VDR: Reflect your identity – this is what our brand truly inspires in people. 


Q: What drew you to the concept of celebrating achievement and individuality? 


VDR: In today’s modern society digital devices have become a prolongation of ourselves but what we found interesting is that your phone, the most personal device on the inside, looks absolutely the same as any other device your friend or neighbour has.  


DM: We saw an opportunity to change that and personalize tech devices allowing our clients to express their individuality and attitude to the world. When we deliver each piece of tech art, the joy our customers have has no limits. It is an inspiration and confirmation for us that we are fulfilling our purpose to reflect their identity. 


Q: Can you describe some typical products from Maison Septem? 


DM: Our clients love the creativity and design journey offered by Maison Septem to dress up their phones that will represent their individuality. In case they are looking to have a unique one-of-a-kind Phone or Smart Watch, hand-made with the most precious materials by our master craftsmen, or a pair of headphones, fully customized according to their imagination, we got it all available throughout our Bespoke experience. For us this is the ultimate experience we offer and are proudest of! 


Q: Maison Septem excels at providing bespoke services to customers. Can you describe the typical process of offering a customization experience? 


VDR: In our bespoke process we center all our work around the clients and we create for them work of art that will make a difference in their lives. Once the inquiry is received, our experts take the time to get to know the client in a personal consultation and learn what inspires them. Then, our craftsmen apply rigorous focus to every detail to build the tech device based on the specification.  

DM: Throughout the whole process we keep a continuous communication which includes sharing design mock-ups. The finished piece will be shipped or hand delivered according to the preference.   


Q: What made you choose to focus the products on digital devices? 


VDR: We either have a background or a passion for new tech. In the era of digital transformation, virtual reality, and metaverse on the rise we both saw the significant impact tech devices are having in our everyday life. For example, iMore survey shows ultra-high levels of Apple Watch usage: 93% use the Apple Watch five or more days a week, 95% for eight or more hours a day.  

DM: It confirms that people stopped wearing their luxury brand watches because they want to be able to monitor their health and to have quick access to Apple Pay but gravitation to luxury and individuality did not go away. Maison Septem gives our clients an opportunity to combine everyday tech and luxury by customizing their Smart Watches that become part of their identity and lifestyle. 

Q: What made you select gold, rose gold, and platinum as your go-to metals for smart device designs? 

A:  VDR: I have always had a fascination with high value metals, gold in particular, since gold symbolizes the highest value. My fascination was ignited when I saw my first gold phone on a trip through the Amsterdam airport, and I suddenly had the idea that I want to popularize gold phones, combining my passion for precious metals with modern-world technology.  

DM: We added the element of personalization to Maison Septem, because we want to diversity our designs and cater to our customers’ specific needs. We focus on smart devices that customers use on a daily basis, so they can not only enjoy the product to the full extent, but also spread our passion for precious metals to those around them.  

Q: How did you discover your enthusiasm for traditional arts and crafts? 

A: VDR: I grew up in France and I had lived in this historical country for many years and it is impossible not to embrace the beauty of art, creativity, fashion and luxury. It is everywhere, you can even smell it in the air and feel it with your skin. The art of Maison Septem is to allow anyone to immerse themselves in these unforgettable moments of creativity and master your own craft. We help and guide our clients to turn their vision into a reality, so they come out with a luxurious, authentic accessory that really speaks to them.  

Q: Maison Septem really prides itself on craftsmanship. Can you give us a brief idea about the backgrounds of your artisans? 

A:  DM: We believe that true luxury is defined by craftsmanship, quality, and beautiful pieces that reflect your identity. Our talented team respects the artistry that extends beyond just the surface design. We meticulously source and use only the finest materials to create a grandiose look and feel. Each work of art is then carefully calibrated and diligently tested for quality assurance so our clients are confident that our finished work is second to none. 

Q: We know Black History Month is an event that is close to your hearts. Can you let us know what this means to you and how Maison Septem plans to celebrate it? 

A:  VDR: February is the US Black History Month. Maison Septem is a proudly Black-Owned company and this annual celebration of achievements by African Americans is very dear to our heart because it gives us an opportunity to reflect and inspire others. When you dream, you work hard, refuse to give up, you will always reach higher and catch your dream. For February 2022 celebration we are looking to collaborate with a few African descent American designers to design one of our phones which will be sold through auction and the profits will be awarded to a charity chosen by each artist.  

Q: What is the end goal of Maison Septem as a brand? 

A:  DM: The journey of life and legacy is unique to each person. At Maison Septem, we strive to provide you with the most personal experience so you can continue on your way. Your wish is our guiding principle and remains at the heart of everything we do. Let’s embark on a journey of inspiration and creation.  

Q: Which brands would you like to collaborate with in the future?  

A:  Olivier Rousteing, Wallace Chan and the late Virgil Abloh. we admire their persistence and their sharp focus on what they want to achieve. Their work ethic is a great reflection of the community. Conquering hurdles and difficulties, they are truly the role models of making dreams come true. Their spirit and the art they create are greatly inspirational to us.