In our increasingly globalized era, it can feel that the world is becoming more and more homogenous. When mass production is responsible for the majority of the goods that we consume, defining and expressing individuality has become growingly difficult. 

This is a time where personal branding can help one express one’s unique identity, personality, and individuality. 

In this blog, we focus on explaining all things related to personal brand building. 

What is a brand, and what is personal branding?

A brand is a mark of identification on a collection of goods and services that share their distinctive characteristics. In the business world, customers use brands to recognize business entities they purchase from, and reputable and well-recognized brands enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty. 

Brands position themselves differently, targeting various customer demographics. For example, high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and La Prairie are usually associated with a sense of luxury and sophistication, whereas drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Neutrogena are often regarded as more ordinary and mundane. 

Similar to business branding, personal branding builds an individual as an identifiable brand. Personal branding is defined by one’s effort to increase one’s credibility, elevate one’s status, extend one’s influence, emphasize one’s distinctiveness, and ultimately establish oneself as an authority figure in a certain industry. 


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Personal branding uses the same strategy as business branding, and yet instead of creating products that win consumers’ trust, individuals can highlight their captivating personality traits, senses of style, or other appealing skills to attract people’s attention. 

Why is personal branding important?

The objective of a business brand is to gain more acknowledgment for one’s products and services and to provide direction and identity for the business. Similarly, building a person as a brand can greatly enhance one’s recognizability. 

Personal branding amplifies one’s individuality and allows one to leave a distinctive impression on the general population. Branded personas are usually very influential since a clear brand identity creates an instantly impressive image that people can remember. Because humans tend to find comfort in familiarity and relatability, building a consistent persona will make people grow trust in you. 

The larger your loyal fan base is, the easier it is for you to have more influence. Every celebrity, every Youtuber, and every influencer has a personal brand. 

There is an ancient Chinese saying - “there are fast-running horses everywhere, and yet those who can recognize the horses are rare to find.” Oftentimes, it takes time for people to recognize the talents of gifted individuals. Hence, taking the preemptive measures to brand oneself and make oneself known in the right industry is crucial. 

How to brand yourself? – Create your own persona 

To create a consistent and impactful personal brand, one first needs to find a position that clearly aligns with one’s own identity. Find that one word that you want to be defined as. Audrey Hepburn is perpetually associated with “elegance,” whereas we will forever regard Dwayne Johnson as “strong” and “athletic.” “Luxurious,” “classy,” “wise and knowledgeable,” “food-loving,” “adorable,” “aloof,” “sweet and gentle”… select an identity-defining word that loudly screams you.

The next step is surrounding you with items and people that reinforce your style. At Maison Septem, we offer various products that manifest individuality with class, luxury, affluence, and refinement. From our carefully redesigned smart phones molded from precious metals to our elegantly refashioned smart watches made with premium leathers, from our meticulously crafted phone cases lavishly embellished with high-value crystals to our vibrantly designed earpieces that imprint your individual taste, we provide pieces that elevate your persona and stress your uniqueness. 

Moreover, our customization service encapsulates the experience of luxury. Maison Septem provides consulting service every step of the way. When we craft your masterpiece for you, we ensure that our outstanding artisans implement all your ideas and preferences into your most distinguished design. 

Personal branding on social media 

The final step is to build up your online presence. Sharing the most defining and the most inspiring parts of your persona on social media channels will greatly grow your popularity and attract an audience that relates to you. 

Creating appealing visuals and crafting good quotes specifically catered to the right social media platforms will magnify your personality quirks, and at the same time, frequent interactions and engagement with your audiences on these platforms can make you more amicable, relatable, real. 

Custom-made and gem-endowed art pieces can help you develop extravagant visuals. Jewels reflect and radiate light in photos and compellingly draw the audience’s attention to you. 

At Maison Septem, it is our mission to craft timeless pieces that shape, elevate, and express your personal identity. Let us help you on your journey of personal branding and let our bespoke service define class and sophistication for you. 

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