We've come a long way in the past 48 years since the first cell phone was invented. We've evolved from an incredibly thick, plastic box with chunky keys to sleek curved edges, sophisticated metals, extreme thinness, and genius core processors.

Moreover, there's no denying that owning a phone nowadays is no longer as simple as choosing a product and buying it; it's much more than that. It's a statement – an acceptance of technology and the future.  

And because of the high dependency on our smart devices, we must protect them with the best materials and craft them with bespoke designs.

Step It Up!
Let's use iPhone 13 as an example. As you probably know, many people are buying the Apple device because of its impressive tech specifications and unmatched features. After all, it is the latest smartphone on the market.

That said, the exclusivity of having the newest smartphone won't last for very long. When you acquire an item that looks identical to everyone else, this can rob excitement and individuality. Amongst other users, there will be little opportunity to stand out.

The only way to change that underwhelming feeling is to do something about the aesthetics of your smartphone.

Crafting a design that incorporates some of the world’s most exotic and premium materials will deliver you an experience that makes it hard to ever get disinterested in your purchase.


Because you create a bespoke piece that’s unique to you. Your design is brought to life with the help of a team of passionate craftsmen. It symbolizes your journey up until that moment of imagination and pulls together your values into one piece. When you pair impressive design with impeccable style, you feel a sense of achievement and honor that this was a piece made especially for you, and you cherish your creation.


Most people fail to recognize that an ordinary phone cover can potentially result in unforeseen internal damage to your device, leading to much more technical problems down the line.

On the other hand, if you invest in a higher quality case that performs on both the aesthetic and durability side, you end up making an investment that shields your device in the long run and creating a timeless piece that is unlike no other.

New phones, no problem!

Many smartphone accessory manufacturers today have realized that keeping up with technology means that there is a high probability many consumers will want to update their phone to the latest one continually.

For this reason, companies like Maison Septem have introduced a Royalty VIP program that allows clients to trade in their old devices in exchange for credit towards a new customized piece.

Once the trade-in item passes a condition assessment, they return the item to their inventory or reuse the material in their manufacturing process.

In times like today, sustainable options with positive impacts are what many of us value, so having this option to repurpose and recreate your new phone, not only helps to save our beloved planet, but it makes your next smart device even more special.

So, no matter how new the phone is, you are assured that it will remain protected and in style all the time.

One final note

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