It’s that time of year again – while many of us are wondering where the time has gone, the festive season is fast approaching.

The tradition of gift-giving can be traced as far back as the beginning of human civilization. Gifts symbolize an array of significant meanings, whether this is for personal or business reasons. It’s a part of our social fabric to express our feelings and to reinforce relationships. 

The famous phrase “it’s the thought that counts” really does come with meaning. Yes, people say this perhaps when they receive something they may not have wished or hoped for, but the phrase indicates the act of kindness behind the action, no matter how imperfect the gift might be. 

It’s October now, and you have time. So why not take a moment to consider what you’re going to get your people closest to you?


For your clients and employees


Corporate gifts for clients and employees can vary significantly. But why is it so important? 

Receiving a gift is a powerful experience and provides a touchpoint between you and your employees or clients. The power of gifting allows you to create a positive association and make them feel valued and recognized. It’s your opportunity to impress and engage partners that will benefit you in the long run.

While you may have a collection of premium company gifts suitable for many occasions, there are always a few select people that stand out. These people might be who you wish to celebrate and say a special thank you for their hard work and contribution to your business over the past year.

Creating a unique, meaningful corporate gift is a very special process. It is also an opportunity to reflect your brand’s identity, recognize achievments and inspire others. After all, a well thought corporate gift enables you to stay top of mind of your clients and inspire your employees to achieve even more. 

At Maison Septem, a team of revered craftsmen guides you in creating your bespoke company gift. Every step is detailed, from the design and production to testing and delivery, to ensure that the result is exactly the way you imagined it. With Maison Septem, you will create exceptionally hand-crafted tech-accessory company gift that will be as unique your brand.

For your nearest and dearest


Buying a gift for your loved one that expresses your most genuine feelings isn’t always easy. 

Many of us have been there, typing out “best gift ideas” into Google search, to which your screen is then flooded with an overwhelming number of gifts that might not always be what you’re looking for. You can end up browsing for hours on end - infinite scrolling with aimless intention. Nothing dampens the holiday spirit faster than spending all that time to get a gift to receive a mediocre reaction or response. 

If you are looking for luxury gift ideas for the Christmas holiday, Maison Septem is the perfect choice. The beauty of Maison Septem is the limitless possibilities offered for you to create a customized piece. With the latest world-class technology, next-generation artisans, sophisticated quality assurance, and flexible shipping, once the team gets to know you and what you want for your nearest and dearest, you are encouraged to leave everything else in the hands of the professionals. 

Personalization is a key guiding principle when it comes to luxury gifting. You can commemorate your relationship and allow your connection to shine though with a unique gift. Maison Septem turns ordinary gifts into memorable ones that make any event extremely special. 

In our bespoke process we center all our work around you and your ideas and we will create for your loved one the work of art that will make a difference in both of your lives. 

Adorn an everyday smart device with precious metal or premium leather to celebrate and reflect identify of your loved one. This bespoke gift will make difference in both of your lives. 

It’s never too late

Are you reading this blog a little bit late? Well, fortunately, it’s never too late with Maison Septem. 

If you are struggling with time or want to save the second-guessing to ensure the recipient gets exactly what they want, why not invite your loved one to experience the journey with Maison Septem directly? Presenting the final product is one thing, but the experience of crafting your bespoke piece can sometimes be even more special and memorable for the recipient. 

Celebrate the festive season with Maison Septem – we’re one message away from creating a special gift that stands out from the crowd and makes lasting memories. Contact us today to discover the world of Maison Septem.