The pandemic has made luxury industries strategically re-position themselves in response to the increasing difficulty faced in the manufacturing and distribution processes of their goods and the challenges posed to international travel. 

The Covid pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain and getting workers back to factories has proven to be more challenging than before. 

Furthermore, a large portion of the luxury consumer base is globally located, with Asia having the strongest purchasing power for luxury goods and the strictest lockdown policies.

Consumers who make luxury purchases from abroad account for twenty to thirty percent of the grand total and the dry-out of international clientele challenged some brands to review their local strategy.  

The fashion industry has also been making its adjustments. 

Fashion shows and luxury exhibitions have taken place with audiences in huge open spaces. With the expectation of normalcy to return, we believe that the luxury industry should also explore alternative ways, other than large gatherings, to share their gorgeous designs with the world. Additional methods such as online streaming have been used to showcase high end products. 

Young people are also looking for “luxury experience”. Luxury resorts, hotels, and retreats all provide opportunities for Instagrammable moments for the younger generation. Customers are seeking for seamless and all-embracing experiences.

During the pandemic, luxury experiences are hard to come by. Luxury goods producers have placed more importance on designing luxury products that actively reflect their unique identities of their clients. 

Customers are not only looking for new collections compared to last year but also searching for products that reflect their individuality. 

Maison Septem is specialized in crafting bespoke pieces for its customers, designing and decorating digital devices according to the customers’ tastes and preferences. 

Luxury brands are struggling to manage their supply chain since the pandemic has disrupted the logistics industry. Under this circumstance, Masison Septem ensures the smooth delivery of your bespoke product. From designing to delivery, Maison Septem aims to provide a flawless experience both online and offline.